Superyacht charter cost

Superyacht charter costSuperyacht charter cost brief review.  Superyacht rental is primarily about privacy and freedom. On your private villa island, you go to the port, city, village, or island that you want, stay there as long as you want, spend as much time in the picturesque bay as you decide, eat what you want, and relax as you wish. It’s like relaxing in a five-star hotel, only every day you are greeted by new scenery and impressions, while you do not need to pack and disassemble suitcases, as you need to do on land, traveling from one place to another.

Rent a yacht for a week

Tourists often fall into a stupor when they receive an offer to rent a yacht for a week or two because they expect that everything is included in the superyacht charter cost. This is quite a popular misconception!

How much does it cost to charter a mega Yacht

This article contains short but succinct answers to the question “how much does it cost to charter a mega Yacht” in 2022, also what you can save on:

Private Yacht charter cost

Mandatory mega yacht rental expenses:

  • Yacht rental. Private yacht charter cost directly depends on the season, year of manufacture, how big the yacht is, and technical equipment. With early (from six months) and last call booking, you can save up to 40-50%.
  • A transit log is a document authorizing access to the sea. Charter companies also include final cleaning and a comfort package at this price. It varies from 170 to 400 euros depending on the yacht.

Private yacht charter Mediterranean cost

  • Tourist taxes. If you are interested in calculating the private yacht charter Mediterranean cost, then it is worth noting that this item of expenditure in each European country is fixed and averages 1.35-1.40 euros per tourist per day.
  • Refundable deposit — insurance against damage caused by the fault of the guests. It is frozen on the account for 7 days and fully refunded in case of no damage after mega yacht rental.

Yacht charter cost

  • Water and fuel. Even if you plan to spend the whole week under spread sails, small fuel consumption may be needed for entering/exiting the marina. Upon returning, it is necessary to fill the tanks to the initial level. When calculating the superyacht charter cost, water costs are taken into account depending on the point (country) of departure and amount to approximately 13 euros per week (Yacht charter cost).

Superyacht charter cost

Additional expenses:

  • Captain’s services. You can take a friend who has a license to operate a yacht, and so save money. And if an experienced licensed captain is invited on board, his services must be paid for. Superyacht charter cost to pay for the services of the captain depends on the size of the yacht and the pricing of the charter company or a personal agreement — from 120 to 200 euros per day + meals.

How much does it cost to rent a luxury Yacht

  • Parking in marinas. If the route and the weather allow, then you can enter the marina only to fill the tanks with water, and the rest of the time spend the night at anchor in a beautiful bay. But if the weather is not favorable and a strong storm is expected, then parking in a protected marina is highly recommended. The cost varies from place to place, high/low season, and also depends on the size of the yacht. It is worth laying 70-120 euros per day ( how much does it cost to rent a luxury Yacht ).

Luxury yacht charter cost

  • Food products. If desired, you can cook on board, where there is a small kitchen (galley), or eat at local restaurants. The total luxury yacht charter cost will depend on this. If there is a hired crew on board, their basic food is on you: nothing special, the main thing is not to be hungry.
  • Safety net on the rail. This is especially true if there are small children and pets on board. For adults, this is not necessary. The cost varies from 50 to 130 euros per week.